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Klonopin Anxiety

Klonopin is a prescription medication that is often used to treat anxiety disorder which results in panic attacks. Not all anxiety disorders are treated with Klonopin but panic disorder, one of the most severe of the anxiety disorders, does seem to respond well to such treatment. Unfortunately, Klonopin does have a high potential for abuse and can cause physical dependence so it’s important to always follow the orders of the doctor who prescribes the medication in order to ensure the safest use of this drug.

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How is Klonopin Administered?

Klonopin is an oral medication that comes in either a soluble wafer form or a pill. The medication is typically administered in doses of 0.5mg three times a day to start and if the patient does not respond effectively with this dose, the dosage is increased by increments of 0.5 every 3 days until the right dosage is reached. For anxiety, the starting dose is sometimes reduced to 0.25mg and then increased by 0.25 every three days. The recommended dosage of Klonopin for adults who suffer from Panic disorder is not to exceed 1mg per day.

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Treatment Options

Uses for Klonopin to Treat Anxiety

Klonopin is used to treat panic disorder that is severe and lasts for a period of at least a month. Klonopin is not typically the first medication that is prescribed to the patient as other forms of anxiety medication and treatment are often attempted prior to prescribing the patient Klonopin. Because Klonopin is a strong and dangerous drug with a high potential for abuse, most doctors will prescribe an SSRI or similar anti-anxiety medication in an attempt to control the fear or anxiety. For those who do not respond to other types of medication, Klonopin will be prescribed to treat the panic disorder and will be administered at a small dose which can gradually be increased as needed up to 1mg per day.

Types of Anxiety Treated with Klonopin

Klonopin is typically used to treat panic disorder which is one of the most severe forms of anxiety. This type of anxiety is characterized by having severe panic attacks which could include significant behavioral changes that last at least a month and include constantly worrying about having another attack. Panic disorder may result in the individual becoming stressed, anxious, or worried and can result in episodes of extreme anxiety. The anxiety will usually last about 5-10 minutes but for some the anxiety can be more difficult to control and may last longer causing them to feel dizzy, have an increased heart rate, tremble or suffer uncontrollable fear.

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