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Klonopin Dosage

Klonopin is a benzodiazepine that is used to treat certain types of seizures and panic disorder that lasts for a period of at least one month or more. Because each patient is different and because of the difference in the disorders that Klonopin is used to treat there are many different dosage options that doctors can prescribe to patients.
What are the Different Dosages for Klonopin?

Klonopin dosages range from .125mg up to 1mg and these doses are typically administered 3 times daily. In studies that have been done to determine the correct amount of Klonopin to be prescribed for patients who suffer from anxiety it has been determined that a dose of 1mg per dose split over 3 doses is more effective than the higher doses of up to 3 or 4mg per dose.

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When used to treat seizures, the average dose of Klonopin to be administered to adults begins at 0.5mg three times per day and this dose can be increased every three days by .5mg up to a maximum recommended daily dose of 20mg. Most adults will not need 20mg of Klonopin per day to treat their seizures but there are cases where such a high dose is required.

For anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, the average starting dose of Klonopin is 0.25mg three times a day. This dose is then increased up to 1mg per day which is the target dose for most adults who have panic disorder. Panic disorder is typically controlled with just a small amount of Klonopin so it’s important to only increase the dose as needed and to do so every three days by a very small amount until the recommended dose is reached.

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Dangers of Increasing Klonopin Dosage

As with any other prescription medication there are dangers that come with increasing the dosage of Klonopin especially in doing so without prior doctor approval or recommendation. Increased doses of Klonopin can also lead to increased physical dependence on the drug which can lead to addiction so it’s important to only increase the dose as needed and under the direct care of a doctor.

How Increased Klonopin Dosage Increases Addiction Risk

Every time an individual takes more of a drug to produce the same or similar effect as it did with the first dose there is a degree of tolerance that is developing. Tolerance is the physical dependence that the body develops to a drug and it is what leads to addiction. Each time Klonopin dosage is increased there is an equally increased risk of addiction.

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