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5 Reasons to Choose Outpatient Klonopin Addiction Treatment

The most important aspect of choosing a Klonopin addiction treatment facility is choosing the one which is best for you. Everyone’s situation, addiction, and life is different and therefore, no one treatment is acceptable for every patient. Here are five reasons why outpatient Klonopin addiction treatment may be right for you.

  1. You Can Continue to Live Your Life.

While Klonopin addiction is a serious issue, many individuals feel that they cannot take time off from their lives in order to attend inpatient treatment. The NIDA states that “generally, for residential and outpatient treatment, participation for [fewer] than 90 days is of limited effectiveness.” If you feel that you would be more likely to see your treatment through to the end if you had the ability to continue living your life while attending treatment, you should probably choose outpatient treatment for you Klonopin addiction.

  1. Inpatient Treatment is Often for Those with More Severe Issues.

If your withdrawal is being controlled by medically-assisted detox and you can attend therapy sessions as a part of your daily or weekly schedule, outpatient treatment could be a good fit for you. Inpatient treatment is often needed for those who:

  • Have other mental disorders such as:
    • Depression
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Bipolar disorder
  • Are addicted to multiple drugs
  • Have severe psychological issues as a result of their addictions

If these symptoms and issues do not describe you, outpatient treatment could be a better fit for your needs.

  1. Outpatient Treatment is Cheaper.

    rehab for klonopin

    Outpatient rehab helps you stay close to your loved ones.

A study from the NCBI states that those who are a better fit for outpatient treatment can get what they need “without incurring the higher costs of inpatient treatment.” Often, inpatient treatment facilities are more expensive because they allow patients to stay overnight for a long period of time, provide meals for patients, and handle any other necessities. Many inpatient facilities are also privately owned and have more amenities like gourmet meals and elaborate living quarters. If money is tight and you don’t need the extra care of an inpatient facility, you should definitely choose an outpatient treatment program.

  1. Group Counseling is Important in Outpatient Treatment.

According to the NIDA, “in many outpatient programs, group counseling can be a major component.” It helps patients get to know other people who are going through the same problems they are, and it can be very beneficial to overall recovery. Many people still seek out mutual-help groups before and after formal treatment, and these group therapy sessions can be similar while also giving a patient the added benefit of attending a full program with other treatments too.

  1. Your Support System is Strong.

If you have a strong support system at home, made up of friends, family, and other important people in your life, you are likely to do well in outpatient treatment. You can discuss your issues with Klonopin with friends and family and they in turn can help you during a difficult time. Choosing outpatient therapy is a good plan for those who have another line of defense at home, as the support of our friends and family is often what helps us immensely during a difficult time.