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What to Ask When Choosing Klonopin Rehab

Various details factor into the considerations that must be made when choosing Klonopin rehab for yourself or for someone you love. Proper evaluation of the various forms of treatment as well as the methods of medical intervention, support, counseling and therapy offered by each can help you to determine which program may provide the most stable recovery opportunity. It’s important to ask the right questions when choosing Klonpin rehab in order to get the details necessary to make an informed choice.

Is the Program or Facility Licensed?

choosing rehab

It is important to know what to expect in a specific rehab center before committing to it.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration along with individual state governments enforce strict standards on the, “licensing, certification, and credentialing standards for alcohol abuse and drug abuse treatment facilities, programs, counselors, and prevention professionals.” Before choosing any form of treatment for Klonopin addiction ask about the licensing and credentials of the facility or provider which will be providing treatment.

How Long is the Treatment Program?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the duration of effective treatment:

  • varies with patient needs
  • is generally ineffective or has little benefit if less than 90 days
  • often requires a year or more of treatment

There is no, “predetermined length of treatment, but research shows that good outcomes are contingent on adequate lengths of treatment.” Treatment for Klonopin addiction should generally be at least 90 days in length.

Are There any Special Services Offered?

According to the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, “special services such as mental health services, vocational help, and counseling need to be a part of the program.” When choosing Klonopin rehab, be sure to discuss the offering of various services that will help to further integrate, education and inform you along the way of your recovery.

Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Offered?

Many people who abuse Klonopin begin doing so as a result of an underlying mental health condition such as anxiety or depression. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness or another health condition in addition to your addiction it would be beneficial to seek treatment that will include dual diagnosis support and care for your total health and not “just” treatment for the addiction.

How Much Does the Klonopin Rehab Program Cost?

Asking what treatment costs is absolutely vital when it comes to choosing Klonopin rehab. A program may look and sound grand but if you cannot afford it or if your insurance is not accepted by the program it will do you little good. When asking about the total cost, be sure to ask about what services are included, what services will cost extra and how costs are assessed. Also ask about insurance, whether you need a pre-authorization from your insurance provider and whether claims are processed by the treating facility or if you will have to handle the claims processing yourself with your insurance provider.