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Klonopin Withdrawal Treatment

Addiction is most often marked by the painful and difficult to deal with physical withdrawal symptoms the present when the addict stops taking a particular medication or using a particular drug. Klonopin withdrawal is similar to the withdrawal from various other types of benzodiazepine medications and may include tremors, seizures, increased anxiety, heightened fears or agitation and various intestinal discomforts including nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Fortunately, there are some safe and effective methods of treating Klonopin withdrawal that can help the recovering addict to continue to abstain from Klonopin use and make it through this difficult first part of the recovery process.

What is Klonopin Withdrawal Treatment?

The first phase of any recovery program is typically detox. During the detox phase, the patient will no longer use their drug of choice and there will be an increased likelihood of various withdrawal symptoms occurring. For those who are addicted to Klonopin, withdrawal treatment may consist of various methods used to help the patient to safely and effectively cope with the symptoms. Most of the time, Klonopin withdrawal treatment consists of rest, medications, and natural or holistic methods of controlling symptoms during the first days or weeks of the recovery process.

Klonopin Withdrawal Treatment Techniques

Each treatment center or rehabilitation center is different and will provide different techniques for helping their patients to overcome the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Medications are sometimes used to help control seizures or other symptoms and for those who are heavily addicted to Klonopin, a method of tapering the medication off slowly may be used to reduce the chances of dangerous withdrawal reactions from occurring. Holistic or natural remedies such as acupuncture or massage have been proven effective at helping patients cope with nausea, upset stomach, or pain that is associated with withdrawal from Klonopin. The actual techniques that are used in an individual’s withdrawal treatment will depend widely on their unique needs as well as the rehab center itself.

Benefits of Klonopin Withdrawal Treatment

For the recovering addict, the benefits of Klonopin withdrawal treatment include comfort, rest and most of all, safely overcoming physical dependence on Klonopin. While withdrawal from this medication is not always a dangerous situation, there are many inherent risks associated with abruptly stopping the use of any benzodiazepine. Fortunately, when Klonopin withdrawal takes place in a controlled environment such as a rehab center, the patient is provided with around-the-clock medical care that not only ensures their safety but also ensures their comfort during this difficult time.