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Do I Need Klonopin Rehab?

Klonopin Addiction

According to the NLM, “Clonazepam [brand name Klonopin] can be habit-forming.” Because of this fact, abusing Klonopin can lead to addiction. Those who abuse the drug do so for its euphoric effects, and some people who were once Klonopin users were prescribed the drug and then stray from the recommended dosage. All types of Klonopin abuse can lead to addiction if you are not careful.

Some of the signs of Klonopin addiction are:

  • A building tolerance to Klonopin
  • Physical dependence on Klonopin
  • Psychological dependence on Klonopin
  • Experiencing Klonopin withdrawal syndrome
  • Seeking out Klonopin in dangerous situations
  • Being unable to stop abusing Klonopin
  • Only being happy when you are abusing Klonopin

All of these signs and symptoms are not necessarily synonymous with Klonopin addiction. A person can become dependent on the drug and experience withdrawal symptoms even if they are not abusing it. This occurs when someone takes Klonopin medically for a long time. However, if you are abusing Klonopin, these symptoms are likely wrapped up in your Klonopin abuse and possible addiction.

Remembering what addiction is will help you discover whether or not you need Klonopin rehab. The NIDA states, “Drug addiction is a complex illness characterized by intense and, at times, uncontrollable drug craving, along with compulsive drug seeking and use hat persist even in the face of devastating consequences.” If this describes the way you feel about your Klonopin abuse, then you are most certainly in need of Klonopin rehab.

Do I Need Klonopin Rehab?

klonopin abuse

Klonopin is an addictive drug. If you can’t stop on your own seek help.

Ask yourself the questions below and answer honestly. If you answer yes to most of the questions, you should seek Klonopin addiction treatment.

  • Do I feel that I cannot get out of bed or go to sleep without taking Klonopin?
  • Does my Klonopin use no longer seem voluntary, or do I feel that I don’t even think about it before I do it?
  • Have I been abusing Klonopin for a long time (several months or more)?
  • Do I ever feel strong and intense cravings for Klonopin?
  • Have I ever dealt with other drug addiction issues in the past?
  • Does my use of Klonopin make people in my life concerned?
  • When someone confronts me with their concern, do I become hostile, paranoid, or angry?
  • Do I only feel normal once I have taken Klonopin?
  • Do I take Klonopin to get high when I am alone?
  • Have I begun to neglect things like my responsibilities, my hygiene, and my diet because of my Klonopin abuse?
  • Do I feel apathetic toward all other aspects of my life besides my Klonopin use?
  • Have I ever stopped spending time with someone because they didn’t abuse Klonopin?
  • Have I surrounded myself with all people who do abuse Klonopin or other substances?
  • Have I experienced more than one major problem as a result of my Klonopin use in the past year?
  • Do I still feel that I could not stop abusing Klonopin, even if I wanted to?

Klonopin addiction requires treatment, and rehab is necessary for those who have lost control of their Klonopin use. You need Klonopin rehab if you believe than you cannot stop abusing Klonopin on your own.