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Klonopin, also known widely as Clonazepam, is a prescription benzodiazepine that is commonly prescribed for the treatment of


Chronic use of Klonopin can lead to many unpleasant, yet overlooked, side effects.

moderate to severe anxiety and certain types of seizure disorders. There are a number of Klonopin side effects that tend to be downplayed or generally overlooked by those who use this medication or who take the drug for recreational purposes, but such side effects should not be forgotten. Klonopin is a dangerous drug when taken against doctor’s orders or in a manner other than prescribed.

1.  Hallucinations

Sustained use of Klonopin, taking too much, or taking the drug with other medications can cause hallucinations. Hallucinations are one of the most commonly overlooked Klonopin side effects that users mistakenly forget about.

2.  Risk Taking

People who take Klonopin for recreational purposes especially are at an increased risk of taking part in dangerous activities or risky behaviors. Risk taking is common amongst recreational Klonopin users. This is one of the less recognized but dangerous Klonopin side effects which should be looked out for.

3.  Rapid Eye Movement

Klonopin causes changes in the way that the eyes work. Rapid eye movement, unusual movement of the eyes or fluttering of the eyes are all common Klonopin side effects that users don’t realize will occur until it actually happens to them. This can lead to blurry vision or other sight challenges.

4.  Painful Urination

Klonopin can reduce the amount of urine that is created in the kidneys resulting in Kidney pain and painful urination. Continued use of Klonopin is also responsible for urinary tract infections and a wide range of other potential hazards.

5.  Seizures

Although Klonopin is prescribed for the treatment of seizure disorders, there are cases in which a user takes the drug and has a seizure. Klonopin side effects typically don’t include seizures but such an occurrence is likely especially when the medication is taken recreationally.

6.  Upset Stomach

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and lack of appetite are all possible side effects associated with taking Klonopin. Many users will not suffer any of these effects while others will have severe nausea and upset stomach with every dose of Klonopin that they take.

7.  Fatigue

Klonopin reduces the energy that a user will feel and may result in overall feelings of fatigue or lack of energy. Feeling tired, weak or uncoordinated are all likely Klonopin side effects that can be overlooked or easily attributed to another condition if the user is unaware of the potential for such effects to occur.

8.  Loss of Motor Skills

A loss of motor skills resulting in lack of coordination and sensory motor abilities are likely when a user takes Klonopin. This is likely due partially to the fatigue that a user feels but may also be due to the reaction that the medication has to the user’s brain in slowing function to prevent seizures or anxiety.

9.  Rash

Most people who take Klonopin will never experience a rash but this is one possible Klonopin side effect that should not be overlooked. A rash will generally appear early on in treatment if it is going to appear at all and generally is nothing to be concerned about unless it is accompanied by itching or hives in which case allergic reaction may be to blame.

10.  Weight Gain

Many users completely overlook weight gain as one of the possible Klonopin side effects that should be recognized. People who take Klonopin for a prolonged period of time likely experience weight gain as a result of their lack of energy and the muscle fatigue that prevents them from taking part in various exercises or activities.