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Klonopin Abuse Symptoms

Klonopin is a dangerous drug that is commonly prescribed to treat certain types of seizures as well as anxiety. While Klonopin is not considered one of the most widely abused prescription medications, it does have a high likelihood of being taken improperly and when abused may result in addiction. Klonopin abuse symptoms are similar to the symptoms of various other types of anti-anxiety medication abuse and may include poor appearance, lack of motivation, and changing plans to stay away from friends or family members.

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Recognizing the symptoms of Klonopin abuse early on can make the difference between whether an individual becomes fully addicted to this dangerous drug or they stop using the drug before addiction sets in. If you believe that you or someone that you care about is addicted to Klonopin, it’s time to seek help. Pay close attention to the following symptoms of Klonopin abuse if you or someone you know is taking this medication:

• Lack of motivation because of the drug abuse. This may include neglecting responsibilities that you otherwise would not put on the back burner such as school, work or your own children.

• Using drugs despite the dangerous conditions that surround the drug abuse. This may include using Klonopin and driving or performing other dangerous activities while under the influence of Klonopin.

• Using Klonopin despite the negative effects that you know it is having on your relationship with a loved one or friend. This includes having fights with your friends or family members over the Klonopin, over not using the drug or over your use of the drug.

• Using Klonopin even after the drug has claimed a relationship of yours or has claimed a friend such as if you have a friend who dies from drug abuse and yet continue to abuse the drug anyway.

• Getting in to trouble when under the influence of Klonopin such as being arrested. Many times, people who abuse drugs are arrested for possession of the drug, disorderly conduct that occurs while under the influence of the drug, or DUI that occurs while under the influence. Other times, those who abuse drugs may be caught stealing or shoplifting to support their drug habit.

• Borrowing money from friends or family members without any real need for the money except to buy more drugs.

• Physically showing signs of drug abuse such as having tremors, shakes, impaired coordination, slurred speech or other impairments as a result of drug abuse.

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Treatment Options

If you suspect that someone you know is abusing Klonopin or if you have realized that you may be abusing this drug yourself, contact a local rehab center immediately for help. Treating Klonopin abuse before it turns into a full addiction to this dangerous drug can make the difference between life—and death.

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