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Klonopin Addiction Symptoms

Benzodiazepines such as Klonopin have an increased risk of causing physical dependence which can result in addiction. The symptoms of addiction differ from one addict to the next but there are certain tell-tale signs that can lead one to believe that someone they know is suffering from addiction. For instance, most people who become addicted to drugs begin to neglect their relationships, their own physical appearance and various other factors in their life. Psychologically, depression, anxiety and irritability are all common factors of addiction to Klonopin as well as many other drugs.

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Physical Klonopin Addiction Symptoms

The physical symptoms of addiction are usually the easiest to recognize and may include lack of physical appearance, poor eating habits and nausea or vomiting. Those addicted to Klonopin may suffer from headaches and tension when they do not have the drug and they often spend much of their time trying to find ways to get more of the drug or focusing on when they can take their next dose. These are all physical symptoms of Klonopin addiction. Other physical addiction symptoms include:

• Dizziness
• Panic Attacks
• Hallucinations
• Rapid Heartbeat
• Insomnia

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Treatment Options

Emotional Klonopin Addiction Symptoms

From an emotional standpoint, the addict may feel anxiety, depression or irritable when they do not have Klonopin. Over time, even when the addict does have Klonopin it will be realized that they can never get enough of the drug because tolerance continues to build and build resulting in even more emotional trouble. Addiction can break an individual down into pieces leaving them lost, feeling out of control and worthless. It ruins an individual’s self-esteem, wreaks havoc on their mood and can lead to personality changes that are difficult to deal with.

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Treatment for Symptoms of Klonopin Addiction

Various types of treatment exist to help those addicted to Klonopin to successfully get off the drug with limited symptoms of withdrawal. Like other benzos, the best way to reduce the level of severity of the symptoms that are felt when the drug is no longer taken is to slowly taper the drug off until it is no longer used. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option and for those who must quit cold turkey, various other methods of treatment for the addiction symptoms must come into play. Some of the treatments that are provided to assist patients in coping with the addiction symptoms include medication, counseling and various forms of therapy such as CBT or behavior modification therapy.