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Does my Loved One Have a Klonopin Addiction?

Do you believe that your loved one might have an addiction to Klonopin? Have you recently made plans with a loved only to find that they were behaving strangely or acting different? Maybe they seemed to be more agitated than usual or disinterested in an activity that you used to enjoy doing together. Have you noticed that they seem drowsy or even confused or disoriented? While this behavior doesn’t always indicate an addiction to Klonopin, it should certainy be considered if you are aware that your loved one is using Klonopin, even if it is prescribed as treatment for panic disorders or anxiety attacks by a doctor.

Does my Loved One Have a Klonopin Addiction?

klonopin abuse

If someone you love is running out of prescriptions early and becoming obsessed with Klonopin they may be addicted.

Another indicator of an addiction is the inability to focus due to constant worry about having enough Klonopin. Addicts never want to run out of their drug of choice and will go to great lengths to make sure they maintain a constant inventory. They will often resort to what is referred to as “doctor shopping” This means they will go to multiple doctors for the same problem so that they can get duplicate prescriptions for the same medication. They will also use different pharmacies to fill their prescriptions to avoid suspicion.

Doctors and pharmacists are required to keep track of all medications that are prescibed and filled. Patients who try to refill their medication too soon will draw attention to themselves so those suffering from an addiction to drugs like Klonopin often try to hide the severity of their drug use.

Addictions to drugs like Klonopin generally take time to occur. It starts off innocently because people think that because Klonopin is prescribed by a doctor that it can’t be addictive however, Klonopin is highly addictive and one in four people who use Klonopin develop a tolerance and a dependence to it if it used for more than four weeks, even when it prescribed by a doctor for legitimate medical reasons.

Recognizing differences in your loved one’s behavior is critical when trying to uncover a drug addiction. You know them best, so if you do see activity that makes you wonder about an addiction, let them know about your concern. Be supportive and offer to help them find a treatment program that can offer help for their addiction.

Physical and Psychological Effects of Klonopin Withdrawal

People who have a dependence on drugs like Klonopin will get very sick when they stop using the medication or if they drastically reduce how much they are taking. It can also cause extreme psychological distress and some even suffer from delusions and hallucinations and believe they see and hear things that do not exist. It can be very frightening. According to NIDA, “Patients addicted to barbiturates and benzodiazepines should not attempt to stop taking them on their own”.

There are many options for drug treatment. Klonopin addiction is usually treated in an outpatient drug treatment center that also offers a detoxification program. Your loved one’s needs will be assessed upon entry to determine what the best course of action will be for recovery. Medical staff as well as drug counselors are available for patients and family members.